Let my hair be!

Well… the hair is real, it’s the head that’s fake… I’ve always loved this quote, it’s so true! Speaking of hair, world known hairstylistPeter Gray teamed up with former assistant Masa Honda to showcase the amazing hair editorial that will delight you in a bit… full of awesome hair sculptures.  Shot by Takahiro Ogawa as part of the Asia Beauty Expo, styling by Yasuhiro Takehisaart direction by Kazuya Goan, make up  Chiho Omae and manicure Kotoe.  The avant garde women’s and men’s fashion was there to compliment the sculptural and the couture-like, two elements that are key to Gray’s idea of show hair.

Get hairy!

“And forget not the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”. Kahlil Gibran



Hat Collection

Mongolian beauty

Edgy weirdo?

Mustache Monday


  1. I always love looking through the photos in your posts…they speak a thousand words, and it’s so great to be updated on what’s new in the world of art! I’m off to do my hair now.. so inspiring. :-)

  2. mina

    beautiful images …. i love the last one … so architectural … and the third one is so elegant …. really makes you think how hair can say so much …

  3. xxcsg

    Oh my god these are insane!! Remind me of an artist I saw at BALTIC gallery in Gateshead UK a few months ago, had some amazing sculptures made from wigs and hair extensions. Which I could remember the name of guy!

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