Beauty meets art.

Alexander Straulino for sure knows how to take a beauty shoot to the next level… totally thinking outside the box with the elements he has been using to acomplish his work such as dust, liquids, paint, newspaper just to mention a few! He understands beauty in a very particular way where beauty meets art. Faces turn out into real masterpieces!

“Straulino’s pictures are unique. With his eagerness to experiment and his courage to try new things he partially alienates pictures so that they almost have an abstract effect.

The models become sculptures – richly colored, dazzling and exotic. A whiff of eroticism touches consciousness and subconciousness at the same time.

In this way, Straulino answers the question what is beautiful on a human being or what makes it beautiful in his very own, so far unseen way”.

This is not a single editorial, we made a selection of his portfolio for you to get to know a little more of Mr. Straulino’s work of art!

” A great artist is always before his time or behind it”. George Edward Moore

Express yourself
Wild now
Need some lip service
Caricatures, portraits and clows.


  1. Straulino certainly has a wonderful eye for the beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this. The internet has made it so easy for artists to roam around and discover what is currently happening in the art scene. These photographs are truly exceptional, and have fueled my creativity…!

    Many thanks!


    • Hi Ant, I totally agree with you about the internet thing which facilitates to reach our goals. Our mission is to find exceptional artists such as Straulino and show to cool people who might know or not his work! We are cool hunters! Thx for stopping by!

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