Life itself is a quotation

Julian Bialowas is a Canadian freelance Designer & Photographer currently living in Calgary, AB. He is the creator of 365q and one half of the team behing 16Hours Magazine.

The graphic designer layers inspiring quotes that he stumbled upon in books, movies, newspapers, lectures and conversations onto gorgeous landscape photographs that he took in his hometown of Alberta, among other locations.

“They usually end up showcasing how I felt on the days the photograph was taken, or at the time of creating the edited 365 piece.”

I always have a quotation for everything – it saves original thinking.
Dorothy L. Sayers

Stuff no one told us
Seriously, believe them
Listen to your Grandma
Dear Blank, please blank
Food alphabet


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  3. Great photos idea and affinity with your subjects. I’d like to see a credit for the words, like the article writer and the source of the article. I’m so new to this, I wonder why you didn’t comment on my blog when you visited? Feedback appreciated.

  4. Chicquero, wow…. I love your style. Lean into it even more! Woop! One of your pics above ‘Always do what you are afraid to do’… the credo of my blog.

    Thanks for the Like on my mailbag piece. Keep up the great work….

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  6. My question is…are these for sale on some killer post-card stock? They rock!

    Glad you found my site…hope it brings you joy and light in the same way yours just did for me!

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