Abandoned Paintings

Abandoned paintings - Chicquero arts - Andrea Mantegna %22Oculus in the camera Degli Sposi%22 1473

Andrea Mantegna “Oculus in the camera Degli Sposi” 1473

Abandoned paintings - Chicquero arts - Claude Lorrain %22Seaport with the embarkation of St. Ursula%22 1641

Claude Lorrain “Seaport with the embarkation of St. Ursula” 1641

Abandoned paintings - Chicquero arts - Fra Angelico %22The annunciation%22 1450

Fra Angelico “The annunciation” 1450

Abandoned paintings - Chicquero arts - Jacques Louis David %22Oath of the Horatii%22 1784

Jacques Louis David “Oath of the Horatii” 1784

Abandoned paintings - Chicquero arts - Leonardo da Vinci %22The last Supper%22 1495 1498

Leonardo da Vinci “The last Supper”1495 1498

Abandoned paintings - Chicquero arts - Sandro Botticelli %22Annunciation%22 1489 1490

Sandro Botticelli “Annunciation” 1489 1490

A Hungarian artist took classic paintings by Old Masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli and turned them into eerie snapshots of Renaissance-era ghost towns. It’s part of a series titled “Abandoned Paintings,” which is an impressive project undertaken by fine art student Bence Hajdu. Using a little modern technology, he takes famous scenes from “The Last Supper” to “The Annunciation” and transforms them into haunting spaces by erasing the characters and figures that populate the frames. What’s left is an architectural wasteland that remains vaguely familiar to any art history amateur.

“At one of [my] descriptive geometry classes, we had a task to find and draw the perspective and horizon lines of renaissance and other pictures with significant perspective space. I thought it is not that interesting to just draw lines, so I decided to erase all the characters from them and examine how the painter really created the perspective space and how it actually looks.” Bence Hajdu

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