Coolest burgers!

tumblr_met8w6WQla1rng1udo1_1280Two French creative minds, Thomas and Quentin created this cool Tumblr called Fat & Furious Burger featuring creative, cool and yet weird burger designs. “We were so bored of random food at lunch, so we started cooking together, it soon became a kind of a ritual: improvising and experimenting new ways of cooking a burger”. Looks like it´s a lot of fun!

tumblr_meaqgbZ77U1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_mdy41axlJP1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_md7uooX2MK1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_mdksyxLhMi1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_mc4r75R2B91rng1udo1_1280tumblr_mchudlgZhw1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_mbrvhsTAY81rng1udo1_1280tumblr_m21vulvgbU1rng1udtumblr_mbdoz1k5rh1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_m4xne7XcVv1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_m993hsEQRa1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_m9x9vyH0jM1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_m9xhu2KmB71rng1udo1_1280tumblr_m6qmow2rI21rng1udo1_1280tumblr_m9izyohuvj1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_m5m4vq325G1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_m4kno7btmc1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_m4f0d9EVsk1rng1udo1_1280tumblr_menopa6QMa1rng1udo1_1280I still eat a burger at a counter with ketchup dripping down my face. Scarlett Johansson

Rainbow chaos
Awesome people hanging out together
What if your house was burning
Fast food lux


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